This is the only twitter account that should matter

(●´□`)♡ BIGBANG 

WPFBBM - 3/∞ Favorite CFs: BIGBANG for LG Optimus One

Tell Me Goodbye

jiyong: *must be near maknae* 


get to know me
             ↳ [1/3] favourite performances: YG ON AIR; BigBang’s Fantastic Baby


BigBang MV Collection: Lie MV making of moments

Seungri filming his band members during YG Family Concert~~

BIGBANG at A Nation in Tokyo~

bigbang x hearts

bigbang x hearts

BIGBANG cooking for VIPs pt. 2 - VIPs got to taste what oppas cooked for them & it was a “success” ヾ(*´∇`)ノ