2006~2014: Happy 8th Anniversary, Big Bang! ♔#8IGBANG

bigbang before & after their showcase

cafe by bigbang, one of my fave songs

what on earth is going on here..
These are the ones I call my kings. (x)

the priceless reaction to eromaknae dance

the priceless reaction to eromaknae dance


140815 AIA (YG Family Concert)

Bigbang performing I Love You

© B-Side


A shout-out to Top’s booty, Daesung’s fuck face and GDragon’s majectic hair.

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[fanart] #BIGBANG #2014AIA  … really miss them my OT5 TT^TT


[fanart]    … really miss them my OT5 TT^TT

36/ Favorite K-pop Music Video: #36 - Lollipop ( BIGBANG ft. 2ne1 )